"Dorie Millerson: The Matter of Scale" in Sculpture magazine!

Dorie Millerson,  Boat , 2013

Dorie Millerson, Boat, 2013

In his insightful article, "Dorie Millerson: The Matter of Scale," published in Sculpture magazine (March 2016), Gil McElroy discusses the nature of my work in terms of labour, scale and artifact. He makes the case for the big impact of small things, both in physical forms such as thread lines that span distances and in the intangible quality of shadows. 

"Crafting Creativity" Article in Surface Design Journal!

In the current issue of Surface Design Journal (Winter 2015/2016), Susan Moss, in her article, "Crafting Creativity," discusses how we teach "creativity" in the arts. She has interviewed artists who teach textiles in workshops, art schools, universities and colleges. Susan Interviewed me along with 10 other artists and featured examples of our students' work. My former student, Joanna Schleimer, has an example of her beautiful woven work included. The article can be read here (with permission from the Surface Design Association).