LACE, NOT LACE: SEPT. 23 2018 - JAN. 6 2019

Dorie Millerson,  Catboat , 2018

Dorie Millerson, Catboat, 2018

Three of my works (including Catboat, 2018) will be on show in Lace, not Lace: Contemporary Fiber Art from Lacemaking Techniques curated by Devon Thein for the Hunterdon Art Museum and featuring 41 works by 28 international artists.

Hunterdon Art Museum, Clinton, New Jersey, Tues. to Sun. 11:00-5:00 pm.

A ground-breaking exhibition highlighting how lace makers are expanding the traditional boundaries of their art form to create exciting work that investigates contemporary themes, materials and forms... Lace, not Lace: Contemporary Fiber Art from Lacemaking Techniques, reveals how contemporary fiber artists are applying bobbin and needle lace techniques to a multitude of fibers and filaments in unlimited colors and textures to interpret their world.

Hunterdon Art Museum

Profile in Artistry in Fiber Book!


I am pleased to announce that my work is profiled in the new book Artistry in Fiber, Volume 2: Sculpture edited by Anne Lee and E. Ashley Rooney and published by Schiffer. From the book description:

Nearly 500 photos of artwork with personal insights from 76 of today’s most noteworthy artists show the tremendously broad range of possibilities that working in three dimensions can offer. In conjunction with the other two books in this acclaimed series, it invites readers to re-examine fiber art through a multifaceted contemporary lens. Both established artists and emerging artists whose work is attracting notice are gathered here. Carol Milne’s knitted glass and Peter Gentenaar’s technique of vacuum forming and air-drying paper fibers are but a few examples of artists using new materials with traditional methods (Schiffer).

Other Worlds: Sept. 20, 2016 - Jan. 2017

Co-curated by Anda Kubis & Jana Macalik, Other Worlds features the work of 19 Ontario artists associated with OCAD University. It opened on Sept. 20th, 2016 and has been extended to mid-January, 2017. 

Office of the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, Queen's Park, Toronto, ON. To view, (Mon. - Fri. on select days via tour) call 416-325-0061 or visit the website of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario.

Displayed on the first floor of the Lieutenant Governor’s Suite at Queen’s Park, Other Worlds vividly affirms the value of embracing ties with those beyond our borders while at the same time seeking to strengthen one’s own community. Just as the artists have created works that examine the convergence of disparate visual worlds, viewers are encouraged to make space in their lives to engage with unfamiliar cultures, groups, and social issues. In the shadow of an increasingly globalized and crowded world, Other Worlds proclaims that there is much to gain by bringing more of Ontario to the world, and by inviting more of the world to Ontario. - Anda Kubis & Jana Macalik



Talk and Tour at Schweinfurth Art Center Jun. 3, 2016

Kathleen Loomis,  Unspooled , 2015

Kathleen Loomis, Unspooled, 2015

On June 3rd, I will be giving a talk called Misbehaving Materials: Pushing Textile Boundaries and a tour at the opening of the exhibition Transgressing Traditions: Contemporary Textiles from the Surface Design Association (SDA). The show, SDA’s second international exhibition, features the work of 65 artists and was juried by myself, Karen Hampton and Donna Lamb. It opens at the Schweinfurth Art Center in Auburn, New York, and runs until August 21, 2016. Talk: 5:00 pm, Tour 5:30 pm

"Dorie Millerson: The Matter of Scale" in Sculpture magazine!

Dorie Millerson,  Boat , 2013

Dorie Millerson, Boat, 2013

In his insightful article, "Dorie Millerson: The Matter of Scale," published in Sculpture magazine (March 2016), Gil McElroy discusses the nature of my work in terms of labour, scale and artifact. He makes the case for the big impact of small things, both in physical forms such as thread lines that span distances and in the intangible quality of shadows. 

"Crafting Creativity" Article in Surface Design Journal!

In the current issue of Surface Design Journal (Winter 2015/2016), Susan Moss, in her article, "Crafting Creativity," discusses how we teach "creativity" in the arts. She has interviewed artists who teach textiles in workshops, art schools, universities and colleges. Susan Interviewed me along with 10 other artists and featured examples of our students' work. My former student, Joanna Schleimer, has an example of her beautiful woven work included. The article can be read here (with permission from the Surface Design Association).

A Very Long Engagement: Oct. 2, 2015 - Jan. 8, 2016

Dorie Millerson,  Airplane , 2011

Dorie Millerson, Airplane, 2011

Curated by Frances Dorsey and organized by Dalhousie Art Gallery with support from the Canada Council for the Arts.

Featuring the work of Jozef Bajus, Pat Hickman, Doug Guildford, Dorie Millerson, Sherri Smith and Martha Stanley.

Society of Contemporary Craft (SCC), BNY Mellon Center (Satellite Gallery), "T" Station Lobby, Pittsburgh, PA. Open Daily.

Human beings’ relationship with string spans millennia and it is thought that simple strands of fiber were the beginning of our species’ understanding of space and abstract thought. Our very long engagement with string and its manipulation into essential everyday objects is at the core of how humans engage with the world. The works collected in this exhibition emerge from lengthy encounters with string – whether knotted, netted, interlaced, woven or percussed. Created by six fiber artists, the works form a kind of network of linked ideas, processes, physical properties and material qualities. 

Learn more about the exhibition and the participating artists in this essay by curator Frances Dorsey.